Säntis cableway

Der Säntis - 2502 Meter pure Faszination

Ten wonderful minutes – that’s how long the unforgettable trip by cableway takes to the top of Mount Säntis. The cableway operates year-round. Visitors from all over the world come to enjoy the views from the weather-proof observation deck, the large sun deck and the easy trails around the peak. Two spacious panorama restaurants, shops and exhibitions welcome visitors with the hospitality that the Appenzell region is known for. There are also some unique offers such as romantic full moon tours, impressive sunrise tours and all kinds of attractive discount offers. For example, combine a meal at the restaurant with a cableway ride for a reduced price – and round-trip rides to the top of the mountain are half-price on your birthday.

For the cableway timetable and more information, click here.